Lainy has had a varied career, having many different jobs from working as a health care assistant, to serving five years in the RAF, to stitching underwear for a large department store chain. She is currently doing hard labour in retail. She had a love of black cats, cruising and coffee. She lives in Cambridgeshire and when not writing or wearing a plastic grin at work, can be seen out and about with her trusty old Nikon, indulging in her hobby of photography.







I grew up in Cambridgeshire, joining the RAF when I was 18. I then married and had my son. When I divorced, I moved back to my home town and raised my son there. Since moving back, I’ve worked mainly in retail, currently stretching my brain in an opticians. I started writing in early 2013, as an escape from an job I hated and found that, not only did I enjoy the process, people seemed to like what I had written, so I’ve gone on to write several more books and have even more in progress. Outside of work and writing, I love reading(of course), cinema and theatre, especially a good musical. I also really enjoy photography and cruising. The latter giving me ample opportunity to pursue the former. Apart from that, I drink far too much coffee, I like wine a little too much, my worse trait is probably procrastination and I have a weakness for black cats.